ASK Yacht Design Finalist of the Kelt Cognac Design Contest

The Bertone 40 has been conceived for day racing and short cruises. The most modern system and features to improve the yacht’s performance have been used including water ballast, canting keel, spray rail, and top square main.

Despite these advanced systems, the Bertone 40 has been thought with simplicity in mind, allowing for shorthanded crew to keep the control of the available power. The asymmetric spinnaker is attached to a fixed bowsprit allowing easy jibing and reduced pitch work. In the same vein, the self tacking jib allow for long upwind journeys with minimum crew.

In the forward part of the cockpit, two wood carved benches take place. Featuring sleak wood design, their style contrasts with the otherwise performance orientated cockpit by providing a comfortable and well protected area dedicated to a more relaxed approach to sailing.

The interior style is resolutely modern, designed to maximise living space, it has also been thought to require a minimum of maintenance. Two semi cabins are fitted below the cockpit benches. Forward, the keel stepped mast, lead our eyes to the canting keel mechanism. The radical look of the Bertone 40 is softened by the introduction of bamboo flooring, and decking, together with large hatches allowing plenty of light in the cabin.


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