This new B+V 110, with its stretched profile sits in the water waiting to unleash the extremes of yacht design; on one hand speed and sportive appearance, on the other hand luxurious owner’s and guest’s quarters with well protected outdoor areas. The unique exterior styling completes an unrivaled yacht concept study.


With upwards of 110,00 horsepower on tap, it can reach speeds up to 40 knots with two extremely powerful MTU engines coupled to two steerable Wärtsilä 9000 water jets and two gas turbines also coupled to two further Wärtsilä 9000 water jet boosters. At the maximum speed of 40 knots B+V 110 MY/fast can roar non-stop between Monaco to Athens within only one single day (25 hours).
The internal layout of the B+V 110 MY/fast is based on an efficient usage of space. The bridge has been designed at the very top deck, level six. The Owner’s 280 sqm completes the private deck at level five, consisting of a large state room facing the bow which is illuminated with natural light through an amazing skylight. En suites, as well as an office with a reception and waiting area well be located close to the main staircase. A spacious outdoor area opens from the Owner’s state room, towards the bow, providing supreme privacy and offers protectionfrom the elements while sunbathing.

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