Split Mast, Swing Sail

According to Lila Lou Design; “We have developed ‘Ankida’ in a manner that we see is the natural progression for sailing yachts, the most fundamental aspect of which is the mast, rig and keel configuration, moving away from a traditional centre line mast arrangement in order to structurally integrate the entire set-up with the hull and superstructure, making all wind generated forces work homogeneously with the craft, thus maximizing the propulsion efficiency.” Obviously, Ankida will rely heavily on an automated mechanical system, coupled with a sophisticated software package for weather, navigation and operation. It is intended to be a yacht could effectively sail itself.

A “traditional” central mast structure concentrates & focuses vast stresses and strains on the yacht’s deck and internal structure and does not distribute this tension in homogenous fashion, it also creates a structural/visual barrier along the very center of the boat, externally and internally. We developed Ankida’s mast(s) to be light, flexible and integral to the entire yacht’s design so that the forces generated are more uniformly distributed throughout the vessel. Most importantly, this mast system favors performance. It was from the mast design that the sail design became interesting…


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