Blackjack Superyacht

blackjack superyacht_07

Intended towards young and rich celebrities, the “Blackjack Superyacht” by Austin Fodell, a student designer pursuing a Transportation Design degree from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, is a luxury vessel that can either be owned privately or chartered by a group of people collectively. Comprising 19 luxury cabins, including a master suit and two deluxe guest suits, the megayacht can accommodates 18 people on a night out, together with 20 crew-members, in utmost luxury. Measuring 268 ft in length and 65 ft in width, the Blackjack can reach the maximum speed of 20 knots, while cruising at 12 knots. In addition, the superyacht includes a dance floor at the upper deck that provides adequate space for a small awards ceremony or a full-blown concert. The upper deck also features a lounge area to spend a relaxed evening listening to your favorite music. Moreover, the on-board garage parks your luxury vehicle to move around the city, when the yacht is docked in a harbor.

blackjack superyacht_01

blackjack superyacht_06


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