Porsche Design’s 211′ & 135′ MegaYachts

Providing amenities such as yacht chartering and exotic car access, Privé enjoys sharing the latest news relating to either one. In this case we have news which combines the world of exotic cars and the world of megayachts. Porsche design and Royal Falcon have teamed up to create a new megayacht. With Porsche there really is no substitute and now this saying can be applied to the world of boating.
RFF 211′

RFF 211'

The RFF 211 & RFF135 by Porsche Design and Royal Falcon have released details and images of their state of the art megayachts.The RFF135 is a massive twin-hull design measuring 135 feet in length with a 41-foot beam. This vessel can accommodate 10 guests and 10 crew members below decks in 472 square meters of area, with another 208 square meters of deck space up top. Twin V16 turbo diesel engines from MTU each producing an outstanding 4,600 hp will propel this ship up to 35 knots (approx. 40mph).
RFF 135′

RFF 135'


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