Atreides Yacht

The Atreides Yacht features long sleek lines, modern, unified design, and a retractable pool. Why pay more for a yacht with a pool—with additional costs for maintenance bundled in—when Mother Nature is right there to help you out?

Seems like Designer Vuk Dragovic asked that question; his answer was to equip his concept with over-sized sieve of sorts. The “pool” is simply a supporting frame that extends backwards from the Atreides Yacht, with cross beams to form a “floor” of sorts. Water comes in, swimmers stay relatively safe, and more boat space is used for other luxurious seagoing fixtures.

It’s the perfect design! Those who decide to leave “souvenirs” won’t piss anyone off, while non-swimmers can still enjoy the water in the middle of nowhere. Swimming in shark-infested waters would be a definite no-no though.

As a concept, it will take a serious commitment to bring the Atreides Yacht to retail. And since private seagoing vehicles with special features are the exclusive domain of big-time spenders, the Atreides Yacht would be beyond the reach of most anyway.


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