Paper boat


Realize your childhood dream of setting sail on your paper boat aboard this unique 55-foot motor paper boat by three young designers, Matthias Mazzucchi, Alberto Pietrobon and Andrea Valsecchi Supreme Picenardi. The concept boat flaunts sleek lines with a pyramid-shaped center to strictly adhere to the sleek lines of paper boats of children. A unique feature of the boat is the collapsible bulwark that creates a “terrace on the sea” to give a spacious feel to your deck area, pretty similar to the fold-out cockpit extension of Tilli Antonelli’s innovative “Wider” yacht, the difference being the paper boat gives you an illusion of diminishing the boundaries between the ocean and the boat. Retractable swimming ladders are also installed for comfortable access to the sea. The central pyramid-shaped central structure features very minimalistic interiors composed by a central island with a build in cooking area surrounded by stylish couches at each corner. The boat features two en suite cabins for privacy, one forward cabin and one aft cabin. The glass pyramid style cabin main doors can fold upwards “seagull wings fashion” to function as bimin for the “terrace on the sea.” The paper boat concept is a winning design of Targa Rodolfo Bonetto Special Mention at the last edition of Seatec. We seriously hope to see this dream paper boat turn into real soon!


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