Symmetry yacht concept harnesses renewable solar energy for a green cruise

symmetry solar powered concept yacht

Eco Factor: Eco-friendly concept yacht powered by solar energy.

Designed by Federico Biffi Gentili, Andres Luer and Alessio Zampolini, the Symmetry yacht has been designed to provide complete freedom from traditional structural approaches and optimize space for maximum comfort. The Symmetry is powered by a solar panel system consisting of 40 polycrystalline silicon cells that can be walked on.

symmetry solar powered concept yacht_1

To even better the eco-credentials of the yacht, its hull has been crafted from sustainable bamboo. The surface windows provide natural lighting and offer stunning sea views to the people onboard. To optimize its navigation attitude, the Symmetry features a single dashboard with a helm station that slides into a slot hidden in the bottom part and an innovative instrumentation with capacitive buttons hidden under the body of the dashboard and touch-screens that allow fully automated navigation.

symmetry solar powered concept yacht_2

symmetry solar powered concept yacht_3

symmetry solar powered concept yacht_4

symmetry solar powered concept yacht_5


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