Marlin Solar Sailing Yacht Concept


The Marlin sailboat is a new eco-friendly sloop concept by industrial designer Demetrius Tanase, a masters student at the University of Fine Arts and Design in Bucharest, which aims to imbue luxury yachting with a conscience. The plan calls for several design concepts and innovative elements to coalesce for the maximum comfort, performance and sustainability. Chief among its features is an energy-harvesting sail laden with flexible photovoltaic cells giving wind power an additional boost, achieved by using nano panels which are extremely thin and flexible.

The second most striking element of the stylish twin-helm craft is the use of two inflatable “wings” on the port and starboard for stability. The wings both broaden the beam and lower the risk of capsizing, while being light enough not to have an adverse effect on performance. The shape of the spacious and uncluttered deck allows the crew to move about easily. The interior, with accommodations for eight, features an abundance of windows as well as as transparent floor section for constant visual contact with the sea.



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