Symmetry Yacht Concept presented at Seatec 2010


Designed by Federico Biffi Gentili, Andres Luer and Alessio Zampolini, the Symmetry originates in overcoming rigidity and limitations that are characteristic for the marine industry, through contorting aesthetic conventions and pursuing functional excellence.

The only one of its kind, the Symmetry is a real innovation, designed to provide complete freedom from traditional structural approaches and to optimize space for maximum comfort. The hull made of panels of Moso Bamboo (bamboo is one of the fastest growing natural resources in the world), is delineated by receding forms such as the deck, which is, centrally located, generates the lateral glass surfaces that provide multiplication of natural lighting and significant expansion of usable space, without compromising on the height and the general harmony.

The Symmetry revolutionizes the relationship between the exterior spaces and the sea, thanks to the wide area in the stern and protrusions in the bow, that induce feeling of fusion and total harmony with the environment.
To optimize the structure, the Symmetry features a single dashboard with a helm that runs in a slot hidden in its bottom part. Innovative instrumentation, equipped with soft keys and touch screens that work on special automatics, makes navigation easier .

Besides discharging the aerodynamic function, the aileron delineates in the well deck a space covered and usable during navigation, forming, when raised, a spectacular entrance.
The Symmetry is powered by a solar panel system, consisting of 40 polycrystalline silicon cells that can be walked on, placed as a coating of the decks, and by two “retractable” wind turbines capable of producing up to 1 KW of electricity, and by two dragging hydraulic generators that produce energy while sailing.

This system which uses renewable energy feeds the whole system of LED lighting, the water pumps, the refrigerator and all the on-board equipment, contributing also to the hybrid engine.

Conditioning is carried out by a smart re-circulation system with heat exchangers inserted in the hull in contact with water.

The dynamic and elegant line is designed to make the Symmetry a fast and sportive boat, but at the same time perfect for those who love luxury and attention to details.



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