The Arkki Solar Yacht (Concept)…

This is mos def one of the hottest/futuristic water vehicles I’ve ever seen and on top of that it’s solar powered! Just throw in a little music and sum friends (maybe some drinks too lol) and your more than good to go anywhere. I can only begin to imagine the Arkki Solar Yacht in D.R. (Dominican Republic). That would be classic!
Here’s what the good people at have to say about this nautical dream machine. “The ARKKI is a trimaran featuring a concrete-and-natural-fiber hull enclosing 1,647 square feet of interior space, topped with a solar-panel-and-wood deck of 1,076 square feet. Solar panels adorning the deck are absorbent enough to power the entire yacht even in winter and allow a cruising speed of up to eight knots.”

More info on The Arkki Solar Yacht here



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