Submersible Limousine Tender for Superyachts

Described as the “world’s first underwater limousine,” the C-Explorer 5 is designed to give guests sailing aboard superyachts the opportunity to explore the ocean depths in air-conditioned comfort.
Submarine maker U-Boat Worx has started development work on the C-Explorer 5 private submarine. Designed to send four passengers and one pilot to depths of up to 100 metres (328 ft.), the latest of the company’s C-Explorer line of submersibles features a full 360-degree acrylic pressure hull to give all on board an uninterrupted view of the world underwater.
The C-Explorer 5 uses much of the same technology used in U-Boat Worx’s C-Quester range. Powered by a 42 kWh lithium ion battery its four 5 kW electric motors, two for horizontal propulsion and two for vertical, it can propel the sub to speeds of up to 4 knots on the surface and 2.5 knots underwater. With a maximum payload of 550 kg it can remain beneath the surface for up to eight hours.
Costing around 966,000 euro the Dutch company recently teamed up with Fort Lauderdale-based Brownies Yacht Diver to market both the C-Quester and C-Explorer in the USA

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