The Eco-friendly Yacht ecHo Project

Echo Yacht

The newest model in Monte Fino range, the 85-foot motor yacht ecHo is currently under construction at the Kha Shing shipyard, Taiwan’s leading builder of luxury yachts. Echo is an eco-friendly yacht project, created in collaboration with Humphreys Yacht Design.

“One of the core fundamentals of the project is that the boat must itself be a destination rather than just a means of getting from A to B, a yacht on which an owner will really want to spend time and where speed, in consequence, is of very much secondary importance. The challenge is more to offer fun and facilities with much reduced drain on unsustainable resources”.

Echo Yacht

The concept of the Monte Fino ecHo is based on the principals of energy efficiency and minimal emissions. She is being built from GRP to keep the price competitive, but the engineering specification is such that surplus weight has been eliminated wherever possible from the design without any compromise in strength or structural integrity, again to maximize her energy efficiency.

Echo Yacht

ecHo features high-quality insulation for the hull and superstructure to minimize the energy requirements for both heating and air conditioning.

There are two cabins and two doubles on the lower deck and there are quarters for the crew members aft of the engine room. The upper and top decks have all the amenities needed for relaxation and entertainment.

With the designated MAN R800 motors the maximum speed will be 15 knots from the full displacement hull. However at only 1,400 rpm the speed will be 11.5 knots and consumption of the two motors together with the two generators at 50% load at that speed will be just 42 litres per hour, giving a range of 1,870 nautical miles. Reducing the revs still further to a cruising speed of 9 knots brings the consumption of motors and generators down to only 20 litres per hour and will extend the range to 2,776 nautical miles.

ecHo will be delivered to her owners in the summer of 2011.



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