Breathe: The Eco-friendly Superyacht Concept By Feadship

Feadship Breathe

At the Monaco Yacht Show 2010 Feadship revealed a Breathe concept, the design project which takes the science of biomimicry as a starting point and imitates some of nature’s finest ideas in superyacht form for
the very first time.

Feadship Breathe

Breathe features the natural ventilation and cooling, the wedge-like hull shape with a slender bow and wave damping aft body, the use of exterior paint that reduces resistance, the deployment of solar cells based on natural material and the application of light tubes for daylight.

Feadship Breathe

The natural ventilation on board takes the black and white stripes of a zebra as a reference point. These stripes create variations in air temperature just above the surface of the skin, which in turn creates an air current and natural cooling system that surrounds zebras. The light hull and dark shells and funnels create a natural flow of air on the outside decks, therefore reducing the use of air conditioning.

Feadship Breathe

The shells have an additional role as solar cells to capture and use the energy of the sun while offering protection against sun, rain and wind.

Feadship Breathe

With its propulsion concept with minimal components and reduced energy consumption for both propulsion and hotel loads, Breathe demonstrates that eco-consciousness and economic benefits can work together.

Feadship Breathe

Feadship Breathe



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