Lurssen Yacht and yacht designer Luiz De Basto create superyacht Orchid concept

In most cases, when a luxury yacht is designed as a concept independently from the construction, the design usually set about cramming in extra accommodation, as if feeling the need to maximize on the investment and impose the creativity on the overall look.

It is therefore fascinating to find out that leading brand Lurssen Yacht and yacht designer Luiz De Basto, did exactly the opposite in this 288 foot project called yacht Orchid.

The number of cabins was reduced and all the public areas opened up and made as spacious as possible: after accommodating 8 guests, the attention has been made to create a cozy micro-cosmos for the owner: designed on 2 levels, the Owner’s Suite, located on the Main Deck, is connected to the Owner’s Lounge on the Upper Deck through a private stairway for a total 2,637 square feet. The traditional Pilot House windshield becomes now an outstanding private sight through which the owner can overlook the outside.

But what makes these 6 decks really stand out is the overall exterior design on the Orchid superyacht: a pretty unique concept made out of a single point of view: consistency and fluidity.

This Orchid luxury yacht design deviates from the regular standards or cliché and breaks the classic concept of building by decks, creating a homogeneous stern to bow passage without any interruption; the idea of an open walk around with an easy alternate of wide and long steps, moving from one deck to the other above while walking aft to bow, is really unique in the modern yacht design. Decks are blended and reproduced one on top of each other following the inboard walk-around, creating a highly functional layout and a breathtaking exterior profile.

Lurssen’s Orchid luxury yacht design has a huge elliptical pool, welcome all the guests on the Main deck, along with a bright and spacious Main Salon and Dining Room. Another guest boarding is through a folding starboard side balcony located at the Lower Deck where the large theatre media room is provided. Virtually every surface throughout the decks illustrates Luiz De Basto’s signature harmonious design, resulting in an entirely sinuous and bright space; each and every stateroom provides large windows and ensures a high level of natural light.

From the engine room, a watertight door gives access to the huge tender garage which has large lift-up doors on either side. The space planning provides total separation between crew and guests, even separated elevators for the guests and crew from the Lower deck to the bridge deck. Orchid also comes fully equipped with all sorts of amenities, including a red and white wine store and of course a gym/spa. With a sensitive note for the structure, Orchid comes with 2 wing stations on the Bridge Deck along with the Wheel House at the same deck and a HVAC rooms located at every deck, all below 3000 Gross Tonnes.

On the Orchid 288 foot motor yacht design, a touch-and-go helipad is the last great plus in this contemporary mega yacht which has the luxury to offer a Fly bridge as well despite all the overall proportions: almost hidden around the mast, the sixth deck is just an incredible addition to enjoy the scenario.

The overall result? The Orchid mega yacht by Lurssen and Luiz De Basto is an inspired balance of form and function on a vessel with a truly distinct personality and the solid quality of Lurssen engineering and construction.




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