Infinity yachts

The most popular size for the Owner that wishes to combine an enjoyable and competitive choice of racing, with the comforts of luxury cruising, is the 100′ range. It is presently populated by a broad cross-section of designs and philosophies, and INFINITI Yachts are set to astonish this group with the unparalleled performance of their 100 S. Not only do its VPP figures show blistering pace around the race circuit, but this is complemented by massive improvements caused by the DSS foil to the ‘ride’. INFINITI Yachts heel significantly less than their competitors, and pitch is severely dampened. That means that finally cruising at speed has become comfortable.

Additionally there is an all out racing version of this yacht, the ‘100 Turbo’. The expected performance figures are shocking.


INFINITI Yachts and the DSS technology have produced a stunning project which will revolutionise the performance and comfort of the larger yacht sector. This 150′ design weighs less and produces more than any of its rivals. A visually appealing and futuristic design is coupled with the proven performance credentials of INFINITI Yachts. This represents a massive step up in what can be offered to a prospective Owner in this size range.


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