New France to born

The France which became the Norway knew an un paralalled destiny which elicited both deep emotion and rancor. Many sought to save it by transforming it into a hotel, a casino… but would it have actually been saved ?

Today it is gone. However, The France’s legend remains intact and it will always be remembered in our memories, in our hearts as a fabulous paquebot.

And now, like a seed planted, the “nose” of the France (the BOW) came back to Paris. This last piece was able to be saved from demolition and installed at the Port de Grenelle.

From that seed, a new ship is beginning to grow.

The time has come to offer France a new jewel of the sea, an exceptional ship that is modern, different and in the same lineage of refined luxury of those ancient cruise liners of yore.

The new cruiseliner France will be the ambassador of the « French exception », a messenger of the « French touch ».


The new ship France will have its own style and will be more adapted to world competition. The 240m long vessel will provide accommodation for less then 500 passengers. It is far less then the ships of the similar size can accommodate.

France Cruising Liner

A long hull of the France cruising ship will receive two chimney-shaped super-structures in honor of the old France: each will house spacious living areas, restaurants and salons dedicated to well-being and relaxation.

France Cruising Liner

Between these two chimneys, a tropical palm-tree garden will spread over 1,500 square meters, as if a cruise on the France were an island vacation.

France Cruising Liner

The France will also be a «green» ship, she will consume less energy and the shape of her berth will allow precise control of the energy used for navigation.

France Cruising Liner

The construction of the France cruise liner will begin in 2012.



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