Alen Yacht introduces superyacht Metaphor 108

06-Jan-11 by Dag Pike

When Alen Yacht introduced their Metaphor 68 at the Cannes Boat Show over a year ago it was the styling star of the show. The dramatic sweeping style developed by Victory Design set new standards in motor yacht styling. Now Victory Design has repeated the style in a magnificent 108 footer that not only looks fantastic but also has performance to match.

Depending on the power options selected the Metaphor 108 can reach speeds of 50 knots making it one of the fastest motor yachts of this size on the water. For this performance the 108 has a quadruple diesel engine installation but this can be reduced to two or three engines if more modest performance is required. The top speed provides the excitement but the Metaphor 108 offers a lot more with one of the most flexible machinery installations available.

Metaphor 108

In developing the advanced hull design, which is based on the deep-vee concept, Victory has allowed this yacht to operate effectively and economically at any speed between 5 and 50 knots. Combined with the diesel engines is a pair of electric motors that allow the yacht to operate in full hybrid mode under electric power alone. This means that an owner has the choice of silent cruising at low speeds combined with the excitement of operating close to the limits of superyacht performance. The engines are coupled to Flexidrive surface propulsion units that are produced by Victory Design, which are designed to operate effectively over a wide range of speeds.

Inside, those sweeping windows make the saloon look like an open space with a 360° view and there is an opening sun roof to add to the open air feeling. The generous saloon space allows for up to 20 guests to be seated and close to this number can be served dinner at the tables. The galley that prepares the food in located down below with direct access to the high quality crew quarters where each crew member has his own cabin with ensuite bathroom.

For guests there are four staterooms, with the master suite including a mini-gym and a spa as well as a full width bedroom. The specification allows an owner to fully customise the interior décor using Alen Yacht’s high standard of craftsmanship.

The Metaphor 108 is one of the most exciting motor yachts available today combining fabulous styling with a very flexible machinery installation that combines everything an owner might require



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