Numarine 78 HT

Numarine, the Turkish sport motor yacht builder founded only in 2002 attracted a lot of attention worldwide with its daring creation – the 78 HT (Hard Top) that was officially presented in Bodrum in July 2009. The yacht’s design inspired by reptiles and creatures that once ruled the waters is work of the Numarine designer Can Yalman and Italian luxury yacht designer Tommaso Spadolini who have created a “beast” which is everything but just an another power boat. Thus the arrival of Numarine 78 HT is considered a revolutionary change in the yachting world by many leading experts. The 78 HT is not a family-style cruiser yacht neither a yacht to show off with. The 78 HT distinguishes itself from all other power yachts at the very first sight with its truly unique and colourful design, and a hull that resembles a reptile or alligator rather than any other sport boat on the market. The outstanding design is major step forward from the traditional overall elegant look the yachting world is used to. The 78 HT appears aggressive and is as aggressive as it looks. It is a high-performance ship designed to provide ultimate satisfaction to nonconformist owners but the designers did not sacrifice space nor functionality. The 78 feet (24 meters) long and 19 feet (5,8 meters) wide boat can accommodate 8 people and two full time crew. The lower deck layout is a classic four cabin plan with spacious master and VIP suites, and two single bed guest cabins. The cabins feature all the required amenities and private bathrooms including the crew cabin which is separated from owner’s and guests cabins providing ultimate privacy to the owner and his guests. The cockpit is quite spacious as well and the main living area is large enough for all present aboard. Like all other 78 feet yachts, the 78 HT features large sunbathing area on the fore deck and a spacious aft. Thus the ship does not only impress with its truly unique design and power but with extraordinary comfort and functionality of the traditional sport yachts. The 78 HT is powered either by twin MAN V-12 engines with 1224 HP each or twin MAN V-12 1550 HP engines reaching maximum speed up to 38 knots and cruising speed of 28 knots. The yacht has fuel capacity of 1,100 gallons (5,000 litres) and fresh water capacity of 198 gallons (900 litres).
Numarine 78 HT
Numarine 78 HT
Numarine 78 HT
Numarine 78 HT

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