The Frauscher Boats 717 GT

Frauscher Boats 717 GT 5

Like the luxury vehicles of the road, class and performance can be achieved on the water on the speedboat scale.  The Frauscher Boats 717 GT is a prime example of the luxury speedboat, with a hull and heartbeat that means business– and a top end interior as refined as they come.  The power in this poweryacht comes from a gasoline, diesel or hybrid engine pushing 184 – 309 kW of muscle as the 717 GT glides across the open water.  That motor is centralized within the boat, with a shaft propulsion system, unlike the typical speeders with bulky (and ugly) engines hanging from the above-water rear side.  While the Frauscher 717 GT may have missed our luxury yachts feature, we couldn’t help but give this one its own time in the limelight.  [frauscher boats via yatzer]


Frauscher Boats 717 GT 3
Frauscher Boats 717 GT 1



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