Odin, a 50-metre concept by Sigmund Yacht Design, is the most recent to be announced since the presentation of her bigger sister Centurion, at the end of 2010. The futuristic and aggressive looking exterior incorporates complex, stealth-like angles into the surface to create an unusual faceted superstructure. “Facet surface design, which Odin is the showcase for, is financially advantageous from a low volume production point of view,” explains Director, Peter Symonds. “Although facet surfacing looks very stylish and modern, it also aims to keep finishing costs down. Curved surfaces are labour intensive on this scale of construction, whilst simple, small surfaces cut down the finishing involved.”

The concept offers a stable hull design and practical interior layouts on a compact scale, with accommodation provided for 12 guests across six guest suites and a master suite, with 10 crew. Symonds explains that the interior aims to be modern but at the same time achieve a classical and time-proven style by using modern materials, similar to Centurion. Guests will benefit from a vast private sundeck, galley, lounge, a tender and toys garage and a custom-designed Jacuzzi.

Communication equipment, such as the radar and navigation equipment has been cleverly hidden in the way the team has integrated the hull and superstructure. “The bird tail fins and the faceting create a visual effect never seen before on a yacht,” Symonds concludes. “We aim to advance exterior design by using the exterior not just for aesthetics but for increased usability and ergonomics.”

Using twin MTU 16V 4000 diesel engines, the steel hull and alloy superstructure is expected to achieve an estimated top speed of 21 knots and a range of 3000 nm at a cruising speed of 16 knots.



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