Oceanco Magnitude

ce 1990, Oceanco has been creating and building luxury yachts for visionary owners. The Dutch yacht builder lately presented design details of the new 90m superyacht concept named “Project Magnitude,” which is based on the original Y700 Oceanco Series. Designed by Lukasz Opalinski, in collaboration with John Henson of John Henson & Associates, the Project Magnitude yacht features a range of innovative elements, such as natural lines and the application of glass surfaces, which helps create lighted interiors and bigger visual spaces. At the 2010 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, US-based designer Opalinski said…

Magnitude was conceived with form and function in mind and is an introduction to an entirely new yachting experience. Aerodynamic styling, free of unsightly electronic aberrations thanks to state-of-the-art technology, makes for low upper deck volumes. This results in better stability, reduced wind resistance and improved performance.

The Project Magnitude luxury yacht comes with a retractable solar panel on the top deck, which shows a sundeck underneath. Other highlights include the ability to launch and recover tenders at a speed of up to 10 knots, a detachable floating island with a built-in sea pool and a retractable helipad. Former captain Henson explained that for the yacht interiors, they have drawn inspiration from the experience of dealing with people. The duplex owner’s comes with a cinema, library, lounge and the owner’s office.


oceanco yachts magnitude superyacht
oceanco yachts magnitude superyacht

oceanco yachts magnitude superyacht



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