Ranger 58: Eco-Friendly Yacht For Traveling On The High Seas

Ranger 58

As of late there has been a huge increase in the desire to explore the world solo, and one of the more extreme examples is that of the young Abby from California who sailed her Wild Eyes all the way to the Indian Ocean before submitting to the unrelenting weather conditions. The new Ranger 58 has been designed with exploration in mind, but it has also been conceived with the environment in mind.

The company that designed the boat (Egg and Dart Design) have made the vessel ‘eco-friendly’ with a quieter propulsion system so as not to disturb the ocean life and of course clean emissions for traveling on the high seas. We all know that there is plenty of pollution on the water these days thanks to a certain petrol company that claims to have everything under control.

Ranger 58

Egg and Dart have also made sure to use sustainable sourced materials for the interior rather than using rare and expensive materials. This may not suit the tastes of many individuals, but for those who are interested in preserving our environment, it will be quite acceptable. In addition to that, it lowers the overall cost of the yacht, even if not by much.

You will also be glad to know that some of the biggest concerns surrounding the Ranger 58 have been comfort and safety. The amenities available on this boat are absolutely amazing, consisting of an observation deck, research area, and even a library right next to the wheelhouse. For those who want to sail around the world or even take a short expedition, this is the perfect boat as it provides plenty of opportunities to watch the world go by or research the things you find along the way.

The Ranger 58 will feature a number of other amenities in addition to the obvious research and exploration additions. There will be two foldout balconies, a gym for exercise (when you’re on the open water for any length of time exercise will become necessary), and of course a sauna for relaxing in the evening. If you’re into some extreme exercise you might take advantage of the interior pool as well, seeing as how it can become difficult to swim at sea without facing great danger.

Ranger 58

For those who would prefer their yacht to have toys, they will not be disappointed by the Ranger 58. This is an amazing yacht that features diving equipment, an HSR-Benelli JetSki, a helicopter, and even a lightweight aircraft that is capable of landing on air, water, and snow. This is an impressible sea worthy vessel and if you are in the chartering business, it is certainly one that you might take a look at.



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