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Mochi Craft Long Range 23, the most innovative large pleasure boat with hybrid propulsion, is the winner of the second edition of the UIM Environmental Award 2011, awarded by the Union Internationale Motonautique, world governing body for all powerboating activities, based in the Principality of Monaco.
Mochi Craft Long Range 23 Motor yacht Winner of the UIM Environmental Award.Mochi Craft Long Range 23 Motor yacht Winner of the UIM Environmental Award.

The prestigious award, that will be conferred during a Gala dinner on February 26 in the Principality of Monaco, has been awarded toLong Range 23 Mochi Craft, a Ferretti Group brand producing fiberglass motor yachts ranging from 13 to 23 meters, in acknowledgement of the research and development activities carried out by Ferretti Group’s AYT (Advanced Yacht Technology),the Group’s naval research and design centre, that contributed to the project and development of this yacht: a first-class example of an environment-friendly motoryacht, focusing on fuel-consumption, emission and noise reduction.

The 75 feet Long Range 23 motor yacht represents a fine combination of innovation and technology and is an excellent example of the innovation research activities that Ferretti Group has pioneered together with Studio Zuccon International Project.

Mochi Craft Long Range 23 Motor yacht Mochi Craft Long Range 23 Motor yacht

Mochi Craft Long Range 23 Motor yacht Bow Lounge

Mochi Craft Long Range 23 Motor yacht Bow Lounge

Mochi Craft Long Range 23 features distinctive innovations, such as the exclusive Ferretti Group patent: “Zero Emission Mode” hybrid propulsion system and FER.WEY (Ferretti Wave Efficient Yacht) trans-planing hull. These two technologies combine and enhance each other in a craft that offers revolutionary design concepts. Thanks to these solutions, Long Range 23 is today the only boat that has obtained the RINA “Green Star Clean Energy and Clean Propulsion” certification, the most rigorous certification standard that can be assigned to a pleasure craft.

The award, created by the Union Internationale Motonautique, acknowledges the commitment of companies, organizations, universities, research centres or individuals that have inspired excellence in innovation, development and application of environmental friendly technologies. In particular UIM awarded “the research and development carried out by the AYT – Ferretti Group for the successful production of the long range navigation Mochi Craft motor yacht. Mochi Craft Long Range 23 is a first-class example of environmental friendly motor yacht with focus on reduction of consumption, emissions and noise. Scrupulous fluid dynamics studies were carried out both through internal Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) system and with models tested in the naval towing tank at Potsdam (Germany). These studies resulted into reduction of resistance and friction/attrition to movement mainly due to the hull. Several test demonstrated that the Mochi Craft Long Range 23 consumed, at the same speed (i.e. 12 knots), half than comparable motor yachts. It is also equipped with ”parallel hybrid propulsion”, diesel and electric system that permit to the motor yacht to navigate at low or zero emission and allow the navigation even in severely protected marine areas.”

We are extremely proud to receive this prestigious award for Mochi Craft Long Range 23 – commented Norberto Ferretti, Chairman and Founder of Ferretti Group – a substantial demonstration of Ferretti Group’s commitment to the environment, an issue we are passionately dedicated to, investing in research and development. “

Salvatore Basile, Ferretti Group CEO, commented: the UIM Environmental Award is a further, important achievement for Ferretti Group, that acknowledges and emphasizes our passion for innovation and our significant influence on the international nautical world.”

Mochi Craft Long Range 23 Motor yacht

The 75 feet Long Range 23 motor yacht represents a fine combination of innovation and technology and is an excellent example of the innovation research activities that Ferretti Group has pioneered together with Studio Zuccon International Project and its own AYT (Advanced Yacht Technology), the Group’s naval research and design centre together with the architects and designers of Centro Stile Ferrettigroup.

Mochi Long Range 23Mochi Long Range 23

With Long Range 23, presented for the first time at the Genoa International boat show in 2008, Mochi Craft created an “expedition boat”, designed for spending long periods at sea in maximum comfort and total safety, backed by exceptional environmental awareness with a perfect mix of avant garde technology and Made in Italy design.

Long Range 23 has been awarded with the most prestigious Italian and international awards in the nautical scenario:  the “Grand Premio per l’Innovazione” of magazine Vela&Motore in 2008 in Genoa, the “Premio per l’innovazione” of the Croatia Boat Show, April 2009, the “Yacht of the Year” award at the Internautica boat show in Portoz in May 2009, the awards “Trophee de l’Innovation” and “Best Layout” at the World Yachts Trophies in Cannes, September 2009, the “Motorboat of the Year Award” of the magazine MotorBoat & Yachting, January 2010 and the “UIM Enviromental Award 2011” just received from the Union Internationale Motonautique.

The external lines are a synthesis of the Nordic “work boat” tradition and sophisticated Made in Italy tradition that Mochi Craft has skillfully expressed since 2003. In the interiors, the choice of prized materials, warm woods like teak and oak, natural fabrics and cutting edge design solutions redefine the concept of on board luxury and quality of life in the “expedition boat” market.

Main Deck

The extremely spacious cockpit – which gives access to the panoramic bridge – is furnished with two divans and a teak table for up to 8 guests.  Access to the salon is through the side large glass doors, perfectly integrated into the windows running all the way around the main deck that flood the interiors with natural light and provide magnificent views of the sea from every direction.  The fully retractable aft windows allow the salon and cockpit to combine into a single living area.

Mochi Craft Long Range 23 Motor yacht Cockpit

The innovative FER.WEY hull, which already offers great stability, is complemented by the Mitsubishi ARG, Anti Rolling Gyro System – worldwide exclusive to Ferretti – which cuts roll caused by wave motion at anchor or under way by up to 50%, and stabilising fins, both mounted as standard.

The Long Range 23 is available with two latest-generation MAN Common Rail power options – 500hp and 800hp version. The 800hp engines provide a cruising speed of 13 knots and top speed of 15 knots.


The FER.WEY (Ferretti Wave Efficient Yacht) hull, the result of years of research and development by AYT, is an innovative type of hull, described as ‘transplaning’, which enables owners to cruise with great comfort and efficiency in the intermediate speed range where both planing and displacement hulls generally behave in an abnormal way. At the same time the hull greatly reduces the rolling effect and guarantees low aft wave turbulence.

The FER.WEY transplaning hull allows this craft – tested by Ferretti in the Potsdam naval test tank after studies at the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) – to pass the 15 – 16 knot level gradually with a perfectly horizontal attitude, reaching 20 knots. A craft of this size would normally enter the planing hump at around 13 – 14 knots, already assuming a stern-down attitude at 12 knots. What’s more, in contrast to a classic displacement hull, where resistance rises dramatically with the longitudinal attitude when nearing critical speed, the FER.WEY hull’s resistance rises less drastically as speed increases. Another significant feature is that this hull doesn’t reach a definite ‘hump speed’, a performance need experienced by planing craft.

As a result, the FER.WEY hull offers owners:

• A stable longitudinal attitude, allowing owners to move around the craft in comfort, experiencing no marked change in attitude as speed varies.

• Maximum cruising efficiency up to 15 knots, a feature provided by the action of the prominent bow bulb, which cuts wave drag on the hull.

• Significant reduction in rolling.

Finally, the special shape of the FER.WEY hull allows the craft to rest on the sea bottom while protecting the propellers from impact damage, and allows owners to access areas that would be a risky proposition for other types of hull.


The innovative hybrid propulsion combines the reliability of the traditional diesel, which when selected transmits power directly to the propellers, with the ability to cruise in ‘Zero Emission Mode’, driven by two 70 kW synchronous electric motors applied in series to the propeller shaft and engaging with the reduction gears. The motors are powered by a pack of Lithium ion batteries, the most advanced technology in this field.

Exclusive Ferretti patent it can operate in 5 different modes:

1) DIESEL PROPULSION AND ENERGY STORING: The diesel engines, as well as handling normal propulsion, operate the electric motors. In this way they work as generators, rapidly recharging the propulsion battery pack.

2) DIESEL-ELECTRIC: The electric motors, disengaged from the diesel, drive the propellers and are powered by the on board generators and the propulsion battery pack.

3) ZEM Propulsion: The propellers are powered by the electric motors, disengaged from the diesel and operated exclusively by the propulsion battery pack, providing totally silent, zero emission operations.

4) ZEM Function: All the on-board utilities are powered by the propulsion battery pack, including air conditioning, boiler and ARG, enabling totally silent, zero emission functioning of the boat.

Modes 3 and 4, for example, allow owners to enjoy the exclusive, unique experience of entering a bay, lying at anchor for several hours with full on-board functionality, then leaving, secure in the knowledge that the entire operation has been carried out in total silence and with zero emissions. In this way the yacht has no negative impact on the local environment.

5) PLUG-IN: During stays in port the propulsion battery pack is charged through a dedicated shore power connection.

All these modes are easily managed through a specially developed monitoring system. Touch screen selection of the various modes of propulsive energy transfer is immediate and intuitive.

This new technology, also made possible through significant international collaborations, marks a concrete step forward by the nautical industry towards greater respect for the environment, an objective that Ferretti is working towards through its constant commitment to research and development.



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