CRN & Riva To Collaborate on New Project

CRN and Riva, two prestigious Ferretti Group brands, have announced a collaboration to launch a project for producing a new line of yachts, measuring 50 to 80 metres. Created by Mauro Micheli and Officina Italiana Design, the team that has designed the entire Riva range to date; the innovative new models skilfully combine the world renowned style and elegance of Riva, with the naval design skill and construction ability of the CRN shipyard in Ancona.

The CRN and Riva partnership is not new but has evolved from a strong history. The relationship between the two brands, both now part of Ferretti Group, dates back almost 40 years to 1970 when Carlo Riva decided to annul the agreement Riva had with a Dutch shipyard, in order to sign a partnership with CRN, for the construction of megayachts designed by the Carlo Riva Yacht Division.

Besides simplifying logistics and giving Carlo Riva greater control over the process, the original partnership was made with the awareness that the exclusive artisan factor of the work and high technical-naval, plant and style level of CRN were a guarantee of top quality products. Five 23.5m motoryachts from the Marco Polo series and two Vespucci models measuring 90 and 100 feet, were launched between 1970 and 1978.

Today, the wish to combine Riva’s tradition, heedful of elegance and style, with CRN’s design experience and exclusiveness in the construction of megayachts is renewed, with the aim of servicing an increasing demand for top quality megayachts with a unique, unmistakable style.

“Ferretti Group is already an example of the creation of an industrial pole through the acquisition and integration of yacht producers with highly complementary characteristics. This project shows, once again, how all the Group brands can efficiently contribute to a project which is unique on the global nautical scene, focusing on the different features and distinctiveness of each one,” declared Norberto Ferretti, Chairman and Founder of Ferretti Group. “This agreement has renewed a relationship established in the 70s by Carlo Riva, who had already grasped the huge potential of the two shipyards. I’m sure the launch of this entire range of new yachts on the market will bring us great satisfaction.”

“It just seemed like a natural choice to make,” Lamberto Tacoli, Chairman of CRN, said, “within the sphere of the perfect synergy of a group which aims to continue innovating, and to maintain its leading position of the international nautical market. CRN and Riva have been unanimously acknowledged as brands of excellence, and our union in this project can only be synonymous with products of high quality and elegance.”

The project for the first model in the new line, a 68 metre yacht featuring clean lines, will be presented as a world preview at the XIX Monaco Yacht Show on 24th September 2009. Following this, an entire CRN and Riva range will be developed, beginning with a 50 metre model. The new collection will draw its inspiration from the current Riva range, of which it represents an ideal continuity in the megayacht universe. Although the designs slightly resemble some of the models of the past and draw on the historical relationship between the two shipyards; the projects have been devised as yachts of the future, combining CRN and Riva’s natural tendency to innovate with a constant attention to timeless design.


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