Exclusive: French firm to design a 246 foot yacht for Jobs

Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs has placed an order to a French design firm for a 246 feet (75 meters) long yacht, sources we’re unable to name told MacScoop.

Philippe Starck, the very famous French designer will have the honour and the challenging task to provide his design skills for Jobs’ ambitious project.

Sources have even provided some details on the design of the yacht. They specifically mentioned there will be a swimming pool and two big matress on the front side of it.

No word on how much this project will cost to Apple’s very charismatic CEO but sources told us the design of the yacht is handled by one of “the most expensive design firms out there.” No word either on which company was chosen to build the yacht.

In that move, Jobs joins the club of the IT industry’s billionaires who have built they’re own yacht. Among them, the two co-founders of Microsoft, Paul Allen and Bill Gates whose net worth are respectively about $16 billion and $50 billion. The first has a 413 feet yacht called Octopus (was the biggest at the time it was built) while Bill Gates was rumoured to have ordered a new yacht last year. We may also note Larry Ellisson’s 452 feet long yacht named Rising Sun.

Most of Jobs personal fortune was built during the past five years thanks to stock option grants from Apple’s board and more than doubled to nearly $5 billion when he sold Pixar to Disney last year.



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