Hot Lab introduce their Oceanco PA 168 yacht design

The Hot Lab designed Oceanco PA 168 yacht is a new 86m superyacht concept based on the reputable and highly regarded Oceanco yacht platform. The Oceanco PA 168 motor yacht designed by the Milan-based Hot Lab studio. The yacht design features  wonderful contemporary exterior lines with a functional, yet innovative, interior layout architecture.

The Hot Lab designed PA186 Oceanco superyacht conceptThe Hot Lab designed PA186 Oceanco superyacht concept

Some of the design features of the Hot Lab Oceanco PA 168 luxury yacht:
Despite the motor yacht’s generous dimensions, the Oceanco PA 168 yacht lines have been designed to convey a visual sense of lightness. Fundamental in this regard is the layout of the various decks, which in profile provide abundant open spaces aft that rapidly converge towards the antenna mast in the centre. In front of this point, the decks are developed more horizontally with a subtle yet dynamic downward curve to the open foredeck. This spacious area, which functions as an extendible platform for larger helicopters, emphasises and balances the graceful lines of the superstructure. The overall sense of lightness is also highlighted by the way the individual deck levels are clearly defined by the darkened glazing that serves to lengthen rather than heighten the profile. Companionways, windows and technical areas have been developed to accentuate this effect.

The PA186 motor yacht concept for Oceanco YachtsThe PA186 motor yacht concept for Oceanco Yachts

The bulwarks amidships and aft of the PA 168 yacht design are delicately arched to counterbalance the linear volumes of the superstructure and forward section. A beach area has been developed around a swimming pool on the main deck with a cascade waterfall that spills over the end wall. The bulkhead that constitutes this wall is covered with teak panelling that flows into symmetrical staircases leading down to the swim platform. This lower deck is surmounted by an unusual overhead ‘spoiler’, which provides partial shade but still allows abundant light to filter through.

The Motor Yacht PA 186 Oceanco by Hot Lab

The forward section of the Oceanco PA 168 superyacht presents a classic bow profile with a flush deck for the helipad, which can be extended with side ‘leaves’ to meet new regulations relating to touch-and-go operations. This forward deck is on a level with the wheelhouse, which is provided with wing stations contained in blisters in the bulwarks for optimum visibility fore and aft during manoeuvres. A defining architectural feature amidships is the large window on either side that extends the full height of the main and upper decks and abruptly intersects the bulwark coaming.

The Hot-Lab PA186 yacht concept for OceancoThe Hot-Lab PA186 yacht concept for Oceanco

Her upper deck and the owners’ deck are linked externally by bold arches that add an imposing graphic effect, while also tricking the eye into believing that two deck levels are in fact one and providing the 200sqm owner’s apartment with ample natural light. A forward terrace leading off the owner’s deck can serve as an open-air gym. The area forward of the antenna mast houses another area reserved exclusively for the owner’s use. Painted black to minimise its visual impact, the accompanying 320sqm of private sundeck features a Jacuzzi, sun loungers and two large skylights in the deck-head that illuminate the owner’s accommodation below.

The Hot-Lab Oceanco PA186 superyachtThe Hot-Lab Oceanco PA186 superyacht

The Hot Lab / Oceanco PA 168 yacht will be powered with a pair of MTU 20V 4000 main engines. She is expected to achieve a top speed of 20 knots with a range of 5500 nm at a cruising speed of 15 knots.

The Hot-Lab designed PA186 superyacht for Oceanco

Some further images of the Oceanco PA 168 superyacht design:


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