Adrien Jousset

I received a global naval architecture education at Southampton Solent University. I managed to develop hydrodynamics, structural and naval architecture skills. Along the course, between individual and group project I had been in role with different task and position. I reinforced all of this by my internship in France for Francois Lucas as a naval architect.

By the end of my course, I had been employed by Tony Castro ltd. I made use of my education and my previous experience. I developed the modeling talent I acquired during my internship. I worked with some of the best and world famous car designers. I received an advanced training by Robert Mc Neel for rhino modeling tools. Therefore I was given the responsibility of many modeling tasks, superstructure, concept model… I managed to bring modern features keeping the boats as easy as safe to sail. I provided excellent products on time and under budget. I finally worked on a 62 ft flybridge motor yacht. I designed the boat by improving constantly GA, concept and features …This was a team project where designers, engineers and architects shared their skills to create a high luxury yacht.

Later I had been offered a stylish designer and 3d modeler position at BMT Nigel Gee. I was in charge of the concept design department. I was constantly using my skills in Rhino do develop feasible and outstanding superyacht concept for clients. I was acting at any stage of the design process to maximize the impact of literature with my renderings. I was handling complex geometry and improving general 3d understanding of people. I was helping the engineering department by producing 5 axis milling and metal cutting machine 3d files. I was optimizing naval and interior architecture by checking in 3d the real world feasibility. This was also an outstanding experience in terms of standardization of work and efficiency organization.

Then I went back to France where I became independent and had been producing innovative solutions providing modern visions through three major yacht design competition such as the Young Designer Superyacht Awards, the Next Sly Contest and the Kelt/Cognac Competition. I finished finalist of all and proved my naval architecture and yacht design track record. I have been spending time in learning on new green features and hybrid solutions. I have attracted a large amount of media attention from magazines and web sites across the world praising my works for their quality of innovation, aestheticism, and technical feasibility.

A year later, I was asked by Ted Hood Yachts to come over in US and help them producing some new lines of boats, including Motorsailers, Coastal and Expedition Explorers ranging from 42 to 125ft. This was a really interesting experience as a head yacht designer. I was constantly in contact with many contractors and various supplier companies in order to produce the most challenging projects. As a naval architect I produced a lot of research on hydrodynamic performances and sea keeping capabilities. I undertook numerous improvements, combining upgraded aesthetic appeal with enhanced performances, capabilities and practicality.

Further to this experience I am working for Sunreef Yachts in Poland. Working for the No 1 in the world of luxury catamarans, I am in charge of various project over 24 metres. My tasks includes management of the different departements, structural engineers, systems engineers… Constantly improving the project and the construction feasibility, I work closely with the yard and as a team we all make sure we guarantee the best quality ever.


5 thoughts on “Adrien Jousset

  1. Bonjour Mr Jousset,

    Je m’appelle Jolan Trécherel, je suis étudiant en architecture navale à l’ENSA de Nantes. Auparavant j’ai fait un DUT science et génie des matériaux et une licence composites. J’ai travaillé pendant 1 an dans un chantier Naval à Lorient puis 6 mois dans un Bureau d’étude en ingénierie navale à Cannes. Et en ce moment je recherche un cabinet ou un bureau d’étude pour réaliser mon stage qui se déroulera cet été.
    Je me permet donc de vous contacter pour savoir si vous auriez des conseils à me donner afin de choisir le meilleur stage.

    Je trouve votre site très intéressant.

    Veuillez recevoir mes salutations distinguées

    Jolan trecherel

    • Hello Mr. Jousset,

      I’m Jolan Trécherel, I’m studying naval architecture at the ENSA Nantes. Previously I did an HND science and engineering materials and composites license. I worked for 1 year in a shipyard in Lorient and then 6 months in a design office in naval engineering at Cannes. And right now I want a firm or a consulting firm to conduct my internship which will take place this summer.
      I can then contact you to see if you have any tips for me to choose the best course.

      I found your site very interesting.

      Please accept my best regards

      Jolan trecherel

  2. Hello Mr. Jousset,

    I would have a “particular” request to submit you …

    I would like to reassure you that it is not a request for money, nor anything that can give you any concern 🙂

    Since I don’t see reference mailboxes or forums , I ask you kindly to answer me at this mailbox I used here.

    In the meantime, please accept my best wishes for a Merry Christmas and peaceful new year.

    Tudini Giuseppe

    AIVV President webmaster webmaster webmaster

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