French: Mother tongue

English: Fluent (7 years UK & US)

Spanish: Knowledge

Autocad 09: Advanced

Rhinoceros 4: Expert

Adobe CS4: Advanced

Maxsurf suite: Advanced

Microsoft Office: Advanced


Experience and Accomplishments

January 10 – Present

Ted Hood Yachts LCC (US) Naval Architect

Head Yacht designer


January 2011

World Match Racing Tour – Yacht Design competition

Project AJ 42 Match – 42 feet match racing boat easy transportable


May 2009

Superyacht Young Designer Awards – Yacht Design competition

Project Ostria – 72m superyacht with the lowest carbon footprint – Finalist


April 2009

Kelt/Cognac Yacht Contest – Yacht Design competition

Project Bertone – 40ft Concept Fast Sport cruising sailing yacht – Finalist


Apr. 09 – Apr. 2010

ASK Yacht Design (FR) – Yacht design subcontracting services company

Yacht Designer (Founder)


March 2009

Next Sly Contest – Yacht Design competition

Project Sly 50 Hybrid – 50ft luxury sailing cruiser with green features – Finalist


Oct. 07 – Mar. 2009

BMT Nigel Gee Ltd (UK) – World leader in high speed ferry design

Styling Yacht Designer


June 06 – Oct. 2009

Tony Castro Ltd (UK)

Naval Architect


June 05- Sept. 2005

Francois Lucas Architecture Navale

Naval Architect Assistant


Education and Professional training

June 2006

Advanced Rhino Course Level II – Advanced rhino 3d modeling


2003 – 2006

Bachelor of Engineering in yacht and Powercraft Design at the Solent University (Southampton Institute) – World leader in yacht design and naval architecture



Baccalaureat Scientifique (Level A in Math and Physics)



–          Yacht racing (Nationals, Europeans, World), Rugby, Hunting, Fishing

–          Art graphic and industrial design

–          UK (6 years), US (1 year), Portugal, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Italy



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