Adrien Jousset releases AJ 42 Match…

The AJ 42 Match is the fruit of an intense research on what the best match racing boat should be. “It has been really interesting to work closely with Neal Pawson as his experience on the water, TP52, RC44… was a real bonus to develop this project. Also working closely with a lot of people of the industry, builders, sail makers, rigger… help us producing what we think is close to be the best.” says Adrien.
The design is free from any rating rules and the objective was to produce a pure One Design/Match Racer. It is an innovative modern design that allows for easy and inexpensive transportation anywhere.
Fitting in a 40 feet container, thanks to her removable stern and split mast the AJ 42 Match has the ability to be easily shipped to any venue. It has a specially designed canting trailer and a simple keel to hull attachment. The boat is stiff with a high aspect ratio fin keel and torpedo lead bulb. She is drafting 1.7 meters, able to be raced in the shallow water venues too. Performances are achieved with a modern 48 square meters top square main sail to be trimmed with standard shackles instead of winches for practicality….



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